Tamasha Live Marathi Movie Review Detail 2022

Tamasha Live Marathi Movie

Tamasha Live Marathi Movie Review Detail 2022 The most awaited Marathi movie in 2022 is tamasha live. Actress Sonali Kulkarni, who played the role of an intellectual in the Marathi film ‘Tamasha Live’, appeared on Indian TV as a real television news anchor reading news bulletins.

Speed ​​News Bulletin details 25 news in 5 twinkles. This was posted by Sonali on her Instagram with the caption “Hello, I am Shefali”. got today’s news

Sonali Kulkarni is attracting attention with her efforts to promote her ‘Tamasha Live’ in films like ‘Natrang’, ‘Kshanabhar Vishranti’, ‘Ajanta’, ‘Jhimma’ and others.

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Tamasha Live Movie Cast Crew

Lead Stars

  • Sonalee Kulkarni, Siddharth Jadhav, Sachit Patil, Bharat Jadhav, Hemagii Kavi – Dhumal, Nagesh Bhosale, Mrunal Deshpande, Yogesh Soman, Pushkar Jog, Manmeet Pem, Aayushi Bhave Tilak
  • Producer: Akshay Vilas Bardapurkar
  • Co-Producer: Soumya Mohanty Vilekar
  • Co-Producers: Dr. Manisha Kishore Tolmare, Sameer Vishnu Kelkar, Ajay wasudev Uparwat
  • Director: Sanjay Jadhav
  • Story: Manish Kadam,
  • Story Development: Kiran Yadnyopavit
  • Screenplay: Sanjay Jadhav
  • Dialogue: Arvind Jagtap
  • Executive producer: Nishant Joshi, Satyawan Parab
  • Cinematographer: Sanjay Jadhav, Jay Prakash Gupta

Every detail of the film has the stylistics working on the casting and our troubles will be clearly visible to the followers once the film is released.”

Sonali Kulkarni adds, “A musical film that is coming out is definitely going to blow the mind of our followers. Sanjay Jadhav’s ‘Tamasha Live’ will release on July 15.

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